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FALL means Festivals, and also new beasties...

It's that time of year, the best time of all... FALL! Here in the northeast US, that means wood fires in the hearth, cool nights, crisp, sunny days, leaves turning every shade of beautiful. It also means the final festival of the season for me.

Allentown ArtsFest is really on of my all time favorite festivals. It's run by The Alternative Gallery crew, who are just salt-of-the-earth good people. Their mission is to make the arts accessible to all, regardless of income... to bring art to people who may not have had the chance to experience it yet. This festival is filled with EVERYTHING—good food, live music (on multiple stages), art demonstrations, activities for kids, contests, graffitti painting, skateboarding, loads of artists and crafters and makers selling their wares... and on and on. So please come and join me! I'll be there in the ole HaggisVitae Tent of Mystery.

Fore more information click the poster below!

Here's a festival map:

It's going to be a great weekend!! So please stop by and say hello.

What will I have there? BEASTIES, yes, I'll have a few of my newest beastie paintings. One or two have been promised but I'll have a few for sale as well! Check them out:

I will also have all the usual: buttons, magnets, blank greeting cards, posters galore, limited edition prints, framed pieces, rings, pendants. MANY things will be on sale! BIG sale. Some come get some christmas shopping done early.

See you at the fest!

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