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A raven house number, why not?

Things have been slow for my little business, as it has for many, many other small (and not so small) businesses. I've had a few commissions and a lot of down time. Have always wanted to create a fun house number for our home. The house was built in 1914 and was just crying out for something fun on the front porch. I finally decided it was a great time to add some art to the house. Had fun with this as it wasn't going to anyone else so I did exactly what I wanted.

Have really researched materials and been in contact with technical support at Golden Paints. They were so helpful with recommendations for using their paints and varnishes on signs that would be ok in the weather. I had people asking me to do house number/paintings for them but saying the piece would be in constant sunlight or the rainy north west, or cold, snowy areas so I felt it necessary to learn all I could. So, if anyone out there is interested in your own custom painting/house number sign, I know which board to use, what pigments are lightfast, and what varnishes to use that have UVLS protection. Just contact me for a PDF with all the pricing and other info.

This was so much fun to create. I'd love to do one for your home!

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