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What is the origin of the name "HaggisVitae"?

HaggisVitae was a name I created when signing up for Flickr way back when. It sort of  became my on line art alias. It's actually a combination of our dog Haggis's name and "vitae" taken from aqua vitae (water of life) as I was studying Medieval alchemy at the time I created the screen name. As my own name is very common I used this as my business name for a more unique search term. Try Googling Julie Miller. There are hoards of us! :)

Do you do custom work?

I am happy to discuss an idea you have for a custom piece—lamp, painting, digital vintage fiction piece, etc. Just know that it must be in keeping with my aesthetic. So have a look at my portfolio and if you think my style fits your idea then please contact me. Completion times vary according to what I have events I'm preparing for or how much of a backlog of work I have. Since this is a very small operation the more lead time you can offer, the better chance I'll be able to accommodate your custom piece!

Can I use your image for my own purposes (ie blog, album cover, book cover, etc.)?

The short answer is no. But if you are interested in licensing an image for a specific purpose, please get in touch with me to see if we can agree on terms and conditions. All of my images are ©Julie Miller/HaggisVitae Studios.

How do you create your digital pieces that look like strange old photographs?

I create these in Photoshop using layer upon layer of imagery taken from old photos in the public domain as well as photographs I've taken and collected. Textures and details are added, layers are combined, then more are added. I then make the various parts look like they belong together with adjustments and tweaks. I even use a digital draw pad and pen to paint and draw into pieces... quite a bit actually. At some point, the piece feels done and I say... STOP HERE! Hope that explains things.

What about customs, VAT, etc? Do I have to pay these if I place an order from outside the US?

Unfortunately, yes. I'm required by law to fill out all customs information truthfully and accurately. You will be responsible for these added charges. 

Do you refund shipping overages?

Yes! If you end up paying $2 or more over what shipping actually costs me, I will refund the difference. Since I make such a crazy variety of items it's difficult to come up with a shipping scheme that works for all products. So just feel safe in knowing you'll get the difference returned. Again, if you have any questions or concerns just contact us!

Refunds and exchanges?

If you are not satisfied with your purchase please contact me.  If needed, I will refund purchase price less shipping fees, upon return of the item in new condition. Returns and refunds will be accepted for up to a month after date of purchase. 

If an item is received damaged during shipment I will refund in full upon either a return of the item to me, or a photo showing the damaged item.

For international customers - If your package is returned because it was unclaimed or because you do not wish to pay customs fees, I will refund the original purchase price, less shipping charges, once I receive the item in its original condition.

Do you sell other merchandise with your art on it? Tee shirts? Mugs? Etc...

Yes, as a matter of fact, I sell a LOAD of goodies in my RedBubble Store—mugs, totes, blank journals, posters, really cool phone cases, notebooks, even... get this... MINI SKIRTS AND DRESSES! I'm addicted to their phone cases and have a large wardrobe for my iPhone!

In addition, I have a big selection of "HaggisVitae Studios" Tee shirts and some other crazy designs I came up with available in my Spreadshirt Store. These are shirts I designed for various festivals and shows for my helpers and I to wear. People ended up asking for them, so you'll find them there! They end up being really nice quality too! Check them out.

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