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HaggisVitae Studios is the life work of artist Julie Miller.


Look around and you will find galleries of work for you to look through, a blog with news and mind wanderings, and a shop filled with odd artwork.


We are here to help with your peculiar tastes in art and lighting, to add a conversation piece to your crazy, vintage-inspired abode, to throw a few question marks over the heads of your visitors, to add to your already vintage, mildly dark, oddly whimsical decor, or if my work is not your taste, maybe you'll find a one-of-a-kind gift for that odd ball you adore—for a birthday, Yule celebration, canonization, or Masonic promotion, etc. Whatever the case, we are here to help you with your needs, wants and desires.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us.


" [Julie] has grabbed an aspect of the fictioneer's art, magnified it, and inflected a whole fresh set of art fictions from it. Three practitioners of this magus-engineering come to mind:  Borges, Nabokov, and W.G. Sebald:  makers of the has been, might have been, and with the right sidereal conjunctions—would have been."


From the artist—

I've always loved science and art equally. I got my first degree in fine art and my second in cell biology. I looked at human cells under a microscope by day and created art by night. Now I'm lucky enough to be able to spend all my time creating. Of course I keep a microscope in my studio for when I'm desperate for a science fix.

My work is suffused with this love of science and all things vintage and dusty and fly-specked and yellowed with age. 

At times I will create vintage-inspired digital pieces for days, then change it up for a while and use actual paint on paper or board. And then when I want to work a bit more 3-D, I can be found creating art lamps. Each process informs the others, and I go back to each with a new vision for what is it I want to say in the pieces I create.

And sometimes, I just have to let go and create some silly monsters and dreary vintage characters.

I love all of it.

—Julie Miller
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