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The Fall Festivals are here! Come out and say hi!

HaggisVitae Festival Booth 2017

Here we are, finally, at the end of a really muggy, rainy, hot summer in the N.E. US. It's still quite humid but the days are growing shorter, the air smells different, a leaf or two is changing... we are close! Fall is my most favorite time of the year for OH so many reasons, but mostly I love the cool dry days and crisp nights that are great for sleeping and dreaming. I love the return of the dark, the staying in with a fire in the hearth and a big pot of something hot stewing away all day, cuddling with dogs, creating things. I could go on and on.

Just wanted to pass along some news and happenings for Ye Ole HaggisVitae Studios! SO much in the next two months I'm a bit frazzled! OK so here is the list of events with links so you can get more info as needed:

I think I covered them all! If you have any questions about them just contact me or go to their websites and find out more. I LOVE it when people come find me and say hello, so if you are in the area and feel like checking out some cool art from all kinds of people, please stop by!

To celebrate fall a bit more I have this special offer for any who read my blog...


YEP, 20% off through Tuesday, September 18! Go treat yourself to something that inspires the little monster inside. Maybe a nice ring? Or a little painting?

Wishing you all a devilishly, leaf-crackling, soup slurping, pumpkin carving kind of fall, filled with all the creepy goodness of the season!

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