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We all need a little self-love

I think most will agree, 2017 was one rough year. I'll stay out of politics but damn... damn. This country is a mess. It's causing me such crazy anxiety and an obsession with the news that I found it hard to sleep many nights. I found myself neglecting my own health and letting things really get to me. The signs of stress were really showing. Add to that I lost my most amazing dad on November 30, 2017, right in the middle of the holidays. He was my best buddy, he was brilliant, silly, passionate, and such a fighter. So many years of health problems that would have killed the strongest among us numerous times finally took their toll. I miss him every day, but thankfully I have an incredible number of joyous memories to hold him close always.

After his passing, the stress really kicked in. I had never lost someone this close to me. I didn't know where to do with my grief. Slowly as the days go on it gets a little easier. Then sometimes out of the clear blue I have this realization he is truly gone; it feels like a physical punch to the gut. But as we get into January of the new year, I'm trying to take care of myself—I gave up most all carbs except fruit. No added refined sugar, no grains, no wheat, no caffeine, VERY rare alcohol. And added some things to my day to help with everything—good quality fish oil, a bit of apple cider vinegar, lemon juice in my water, LOTS of water, tons of veggies and chicken and fish. I feel like my head is clearing.

Why am I telling you all this? I really don't know, other than I'm finding if you neglect yourself with bad diet, no exercise etc, and allow stress to eat you up, it really does wreak havoc on your health. Also, I think it's so very important to be gentle with yourself, especially in high stress times. Take those baths, have that nice herbal tea, do some deep breathing or yoga or meditation. Stress is really a killer.

I made a pile of pendants before Christmas, but never got to truly market them with all that was happening. So I wanted to present them here. I am so happy with them and love how beautiful the colors are. Plus I added to many happy designs, feeling the need to move away from the dark into the light. (NEVER fear, my dark side will be back soon, I'm sure with more unsettling images!) So hey, please take a look at my goodies for sale and maybe give yourself a gift of a little pendant or a very cool night light or something else that brings you joy. We all need more joy at this moment in time.

Inhale.... exhale. Repeat slowly.

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