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Needing some elves!

It seems the older I get the faster the years pass. I start out a new year thinking I have oodles of time to get everything I need to finished and create a million new things in time for fall. Then lo and behold it's fall and I feel like I haven't gotten much done. It wasn't until I was organizing my art folders on my computer that I realized just how much I did create over the past few years and decided to cut myself some slack.

Well now we are approaching Christmas and I am busily making items for my store that I should have had done at this point. *sigh* Are we ever satisfied with where we're at work-wise?

Anyway, I've been busily creating new night lights that I'm so happy with! They are available in my store and I'll be adding more and more new designs as time goes on (hopefully!). The process went much smoother than the first round I made. I tried a new company for the printed film I use for the images, and wow are they gorgeous. The colors are lovely and rich and the images are so crisp and gorgeous. Somehow whatever the back of the film is made of really helps distribute the light so the whole image glows.

Just wanted to show you the lights and remind us all to be patient with ourselves. The world is stressful enough without us adding more for ourselves. I'm going to make a New Year's resolution now—be kinder to myself, and kinder and more patient with others too.

Happy Holidays early! Hopefully I'll be back here to do another post pre-Xmas!

Much love,


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