"Lost to Me, but Through You I See" was created from a drawing of a raven I did a few months back. I wanted this piece to have the feel of an ancient wood cut that has made it down through the ages with spots and marks and secret writing and symbols to find throughout. The phrase "lost to me but through you I see" came to me in one of my word dreams. Sometimes these dreams make sense and sometimes it's pure gibberish. In this case I was dreaming of a raven who was speaking to me. I was able to remember a bunch of lines which have appeared in other pieces I've created. You'll see the phrase across the bottom of this piece in a distressed gothic font.

This print is stunning—the color is rich and warm. It's printed by a professional printery on a very heavy, warm white cotton etching paper that's 100% archival with archival inks. All prints will be hand signed and numbered. The image size is 12" x 15" with a 1" paper border. Edition is limited to only 10. Once they sell out, that's it. 

*NOTE:  Images of this print in the photos above are not exactly to scale, they should give you an idea though of what it might look like framed and on your wall. Print will not arrive framed. :) 

Lost to Me, but Through You I See - archival print