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Ready for Fall? YES!

I don't know about you, but I'm not much of a summer person. The hot sticky days, the mosquitos, the air conditioners humming all the time, the curtains drawn to keep the hot sun out. Give me a crisp fall day and I'm happy. Even a dreary, rainy fall day. Even a slushy winter day. Maybe I'm in the minority, but I love when the days get shorter and the air dries out and the world smells of composting leaves and drying corn fields.

I'll be doing a bunch of things this fall and hope you'll come out and say hi at one or all of them! Keeping fingers crossed for perfect weather, but I know that when there's a festival or show booked, that means it will rain or be horribly windy. BUT we can hope!

First is the Easton Riverside Festival of the Arts, September 16 and 17, 2017. Please

Easton Riverside Festival of the Arts, 2017

come on out and support the arts. I did this festival last year and it was wonderful. The sett

ing could not be more beautiful, sitting right on the river bank in a lovey park in Eason right where the Lehigh and Delaware rivers come together.

There were so many wonderful artists, a nice variety of entertainers, a fine art competition, great food vendors. Please come out and say hi, I'd love to meet any and all of you!

Click the image for more information!

Two weekends after this is the every growing and most excellent Allentown ArtsFest! This takes place starting Friday, September 29 and goes through Sunday, October 1st.

This festival just keeps growing and getting bigger and better. Come on out for a huge variety of every kind of art, from graffiti demonstrations, to a crazy line up of bands, a zillion wonderful food vendors, and the art vendors I'm seeing added daily are amazing! You will not be let down. It's fun, it's free, and it's in the lovely Cedar Beech Park in Allentown. Lots of parking, a playground for the kids, come see me and support all of these crazy amazing artists!

And finally for the fall, there is my annual show at Bucks Coffee in Lambertville NJ.

It always proves a fun show for me. The coffee shop sells really wonderful sweets and ice cream and yummy coffee creations. I'll have loads of framed pieces on the walls for sale (see image below from last year's show!), and my cards will be for sale there as well. So, come get your Halloween on! If you haven't been to Lambertville at Halloween, you are missing out. The town is totally into this, my favorite season. Old victorian houses decked out with handmade creatures and ghosts. It's Just so much fun. Plus loads of galleries and eateries to please any tastes.

So let these hot sticky summer days pass without incident. Everyone stay safe and cool, unless you wish to be hot then be hot and joyful. Sending love to all and hoping to see many of you at these couple festivals coming soon!

Yikes, I better get to work.

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