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If you like strange Victorian boys who make friends with dark birds, this is a must have!


"The story goes... Young Sorrow McLeggin set out to see if any ospreys had taken up residence in the haphazard twig nests he'd built for his school science fair project. To his surprise, a beautiful white llama was found to be lazily inhabiting one of the nests. How she got there he'd no idea, but adopt her as his own he did. After all, she was not just any llama, she was the white queen. Most rare indeed. He was awarded the Rupert T. Harrowsby Prize for Primary School Science Genius in 1904 and went on to first imagine anti-matter, though he kept the dark dream completely to himself. He died in 1954, after a tragic accident in which he impaled his foot with his own walking stick and died of sepsis a fortnight later. His journals were found behind a moldering loaf of bread in his ice box.       –HaggisVitae"


About the case: 


These cases are gorgeous quality—made of brushed steel that has a sort of warm German Silver color. Images are printed on the reverse side of plexiglass. Cases are completely metallic (other than the image), and so will protect your credit cards from being scanned illegally, as I'm sure you've heard can happen. Inside as you can see in the last photo, there is a spring clip to hold cash and cards securely. And case has a lovely brass push button opener (see 3rd photo).


Brushed Steel Case measuring approx 4" tall by 3" wide by .50" deep

•  Plexi Glass Reverse Printed Photographic Image 
•  High Quality Construction
•  Made in the USA



Wallet Case - McLeggin and the White Queen

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