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This Edgar Allen Poe Themed lamp features a HaggisVitae original raven image entitled "New Year's Raven," that is lit from behind to softly glow in a corner or your room, or on top of your mantle—anywhere you'd like to add a warm glow and a little interest. 


This lamp is mixed media made from a custom created wooden box, custom brass dome that allows beautiful patterns of light to be case on walls and ceilings near the lamp, an E.A. Poe charm, watch parts, black fabric trim with aged metal eyelets and rings, a shiny black tassel hanging from the dome, sides and back are all decorated with reddish gold and black handmade papers. 


The lamp stands approximately 12" high and is approximately 6" deep and wide. It will come to you with a very long lasting LED bulb inside, and an 8' black cord with a switch on the cord for easy off/on.


If you have any questions at all or want more photos, please contact me. I'm happy to help.

"Messenger" - a Poe-themed lamp

  • USE LED BULB ONLY:  Because this is an enclosed lamp, it's best to use only an LED bulb as it produces almost no heat. It will also last a very long time even if left on constantly. The brass dome will allow for heat to escape, but I always stress LED only!


    The bulb is simple to change and lamp will includ instructions.


    Care is very simple:  Front is glass to a little cleaner sprayed ONTO a soft cloth (not onto face of lamp) will allow you to wipe off any dust, dirt, or fingerprints.


    SWITCH:  Always turn lamp off by switch before unplugging.


    More extensive safety information will be included with your lamp.