A Look Through You  is an art lamp that's illuminated eye glows a warm golden/amber.


This lamp hints at what we keep locked up and hidden—our inner workings, our secrets.


Sides and top are painted vintage white and black stripes and sides are further embellished with a black and gold handmade paper as well as a black fringe along the bottom edge. The top piece is an Art Nouveau lamp finial made of bronze that has aged over time, other elements are hardware that's been rusted and aged. The surface has been further aged with a dark finishing wax. On either side of the top face are charms—on the left is are two watch gears, and on the right is an old rusted key. The lamp is fitted with a candelabra socket (E12) with a very long-lasting white 2 watt LED bulb. 


This lamp will cast a lovely glow in a dark corner of a room, or serve wonderfully as a night light. 



Height:  8.75" including bear

Width:  5" across front

Depth:  4"

Bulb:  2 watt white LED included

Cord:  8' black cord with roller switch about 1' from lamp


WARNING:  Lamp comes with a very long lasting 2 watt LED bulb that be good for months and months and months, even if left on constantly. PLEASE replace with another LED bulb. NEVER use HALOGEN bulbs as they get very hot and this is an enclosed lamp. Lamp could overheat and possibly be a fire hazard. USE ONLY LED or 5 watt incandescent (the same bulbs used in christmas candles,) If you have trouble finding a replacement, just contact me and I'll be happy to sell one to you at my cost.


This lamp will add a soft glow to a corner or bookshelf or mantle, anywhere really. It's not a lamp to read by, more of a glowing piece of art. 


If you have any questions at all or want more photos, please contact me. I'm happy to help.

A Look Through You - Lamp

  • USE LED BULB ONLY:  Because this is an enclosed lamp, it's best to use only an LED bulb as it produces almost no heat. It will also last a very long time even if left on constantly. The holes across the back will allow for some heat to escape, but I always stress LED only!


    The bulb is simple to change and lamp will includ instructions.


    Care is very simple:  Front is glass to a little cleaner sprayed ONTO a soft cloth (not onto face of lamp) will allow you to wipe off any dust, dirt, or fingerprints.


    SWITCH:  Always turn lamp off by switch before unplugging.


    More extensive safety information will be included with your lamp.