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Simplify, they say. Well, it's not that simple.

Sometimes it's in the summer that I really start thinking about simplifying things—my artwork, my studio, my home, my website, the way I do things—but it takes a pile of time and energy. And so I'm starting with my website woes.

I'm not a coder, I know pretty much zero HTML, and I have no interest in spending my precious time learning it. For this reason and so many more, I'm moving away from WordPress. It's just got too many moving parts that are all independent of each other. Too much for this brain to deal with while trying to run a small business solo.

This brand new website is my solution to a simpler web presence. Ya know what pushed me over the WordPress-ian edge? I was away visiting my parents when I got an ***URGENT*** email from my web host saying that my site was performing some kind of data dumping and clogging up their server and that I needed to find the offending file and blahblah code, something, something, FTP bad news, wrong, evil being spread on my behalf... er something like that. It made me giggle a little. I had not even touched my website in months—no edits, additions, nothing new—and yet I was somehow responsible for a tragic amount of mayhem and subsequent damage to my poor host. That was it, I was done.

I understand that WordPress is the industry standard, but I don't have an IT department. So I will create this site using a much simpler interface, and hopefully it does the job. Hope you enjoy looking around and newly designed galleries of my work, and checking out the new store. Please keep checking back as I will be adding more and more items for sale.

In the meantime, thank you for your patience as this all takes shape. And please see my Etsy shop while this website store is under construction.

Simplify! I plan on making this my mantra. Wishing you all a simply wonderful summer.


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